Vector Smart Templates - Adobe Illustrator

December 30, 2020

Enter Vector Smart Templates. 

The wrap designer's best tool for using Adobe Illustrator to design iRacing paints.

With our Vector Smart Templates, you are now able to unleash the power of Adobe Illustrator on iRacing wraps with ease! We have designed our templates in a way that is familiar with mainstream wrap templates. Furthermore, these templates function just like our traditional Photoshop Smart Templates so that your work is automatically transferred to the main template.

Once the design is complete, you simply save your work in Illustrator and watch the magic happen. Your design will automatically be scaled proportionately to the iRacing template. You can then immediately preview your work in the sim after saving it to the iRacing paints directory.

We hope you enjoy this new product and can't wait to offer more in the near future.

Cameron Coulby
Owner of Heatwave Designs

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