License & Terms Of Use

V1.0 - Last updated July 9th, 2022


All products are licensed to the purchasing entity when a purchase is made. Sim Wrap Market & the creator retains ownership of any purchased product on our site.

You cannot transfer a licensed product to another person or entity.

If we believe to observe sharing, piracy, etc. you will be asked to provide proof of purchase of the product in question. Failure to submit receipt will result in legal action.

Furthermore, you are purchasing premade graphics assets, and/or templates designed by Sim Wrap Market. You are not purchasing official content. This content is compatible with

Permitted use of purchased graphics.

You are permitted to adjust and recolor as desired.

You are permitted to use screenshots of a completed design (with sponsors & numbers, etc.) from within the sim for promotional purposes.

Permitted use of purchased templates.

You are permitted to make changes to the template as part of the vehicle design process by adding graphics and/or logos.

You are permitted to use templates for commercial/commision work.

What you cannot do.

You are NOT permitted to resale, redistribute, or otherwise share a full working PSD file with our design included under any circumstance, whatsoever. (Sharing a completed paint as a TGA file with the customer is permitted.)

You are NOT permitted to resale, redistribute, or otherwise share a purchased template (e.g. Vector Smart Templates) under any circumstance, whatsoever.

The watermark and logo within templates and graphic packs (commonly displayed on the "MASK" layer) are to be left in the original form as present at the time of purchase. You are not permitted to adjust or remove the logo or watermark in anyway, whatsoever.

Archival of iRacing Vehicles Policy

Products are designed on the most up to date iRacing template specification at the time of publishing.

Purchasing this product means you accept it as is and without any further responsibility from Sim Wrap Market or the original creator to edit, alter, or reimburse payment in the event iRacing makes changes or phases out the vehicle on the service.

Acknowledgement of Agreement

By purchasing any product/s on our site, you fully agree to all Terms of Use as outlined in this section.

Refunds & Returns

All sales are final. We do not offer or accept refunds on digital media. It is the buyer's responsibility to verify ownership and their access to appropriate required graphic programs to utilize our products.